About Born In Brooklyn Leather

Allison GentileI once took a trip to Montreal. While I was there I bought a handmade leather bracelet from a guy who was selling them on the street. I watched him making my bracelet before I bought it. How fascinating. That bracelet was special to me, and I wore it for years. I loved that it wasn't a mass-produced product, and that when I bought it I made a brief connection with the person who created it. It got me dreaming about making beautiful things and selling them directly to people.

Since starting Born In Brooklyn Leather in 2009, I've had the chance to make that dream a reality. It's like magic to me -- like going back to earlier days before large corporations and overseas factories came to dominate the American marketplace. I love communicating with my customers, getting a feel for who they are and hearing what they have to say about the things they've received from my shop. There's something really special to me about that connection, when another person likes my work enough to make it their own. I'd love to make a special piece of jewelry just for you.

All the best, 
Allison Gentile

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